Benefits for specific age groups


Is Stretchworks helpful at all ages? Yes!

Young children learn focus, balance, posture and stability. This stabilises the joints and enables the muscles to develop as the young bones grow.

Teenagers greatly benefit from controlled stretching. Invariably around this time their bodies become stiff and rigid as the muscles are trying to catch up with their growing bones. Attention to stretching enables teenagers to manage their growing years more easily and has a marked effect on their well-being as they enter their twenties. If stretching is ignored around these crucial formative years, the body can become less mobile and out of alignment, potentially creating problems in later life. Balance, posture and useful breathing techniques will also play an important role in their overall development.

20 – 40 years. A hectic lifestyle during these years means the body benefits from stretching to keep the joints and muscles active and mobile. This invariably impacts on the whole person; finding a way to release that stress can be pivotal in maintaining a healthier happier lifestyle, not just physically but emotionally.

40 – 60 years. What we may have taken for granted in earlier years now needs a bit more attention and care as we respond to the natural changes of ageing. Joints become a little stiffer, and in some cases, more susceptible to problems and injuries. Controlled stretching will keep joints, bones and muscles more mobile, stable, strong and healthy crucial around this period. Stretchworks is particularly popular around this age group for men and women and for many, becomes their primary fitness workout. It is also especially helpful for women undergoing the menopause.

60 plus. Stretching is a fantastic way to keep the body and mind energised and healthy. Stretchworks is a safe way to achieve this. Bones are not as strong as before, and are much more susceptible to injury through falls and trips. Better co-ordination, balance and posture will also alleviate this problem. Overall Stretchworks seeks to redress the balance and help maintain a healthy body enabling us to enjoy an improved quality of life.